Watch Repair Courses & Clock Repair Training

Clock and watch repair courses are centered on timepiece repair and maintenance. For those who are planning to be in the timepiece repair industry, there are specific courses that you can participate in.

If you enjoy working with antique clocks and watches as a hobby, repairing your own clocks and watch collections or are interested in starting a clock and watch repair business. The profession calls for attention to detail, good eye sight and troubleshooting skills. The training focuses on the mechanism of clocks and watches namely how they work, the schematics on each type of timepieces, the electrical design for some watches as well as the maintenance of large clocks. There would also be some field training in repairing as well as in handling antique clocks and large timepieces. Digital clocks and watches would also be included in the clock and watch repair training course. The clock repair course may also focus on development and manufacturing of new clocks and watches, as well as how to take care of and repair antique clocks which are often valued heirlooms.

Clock and Watch Repair Training and Education

Horology is defined as the art of making clocks and watches. After weeks of training, students will be given certificates and branded as certified clock and watch repairmen. The students are expected to know the concepts of watch repair as well as to know how to troubleshoot each type of timepiece.

Students are expected to know the difference in the mechanics of old clocks and brand new ones while understanding how to maintain the integrity of the timepiece. Students who are engaged in Clock and watch repair training are also expected to know the importance of each part in a time piece while not damaging its exterior casing. Classes may include:

  • Basic Watch Repair
  • Polishing and Refinishing Watches and Clocks
  • Modern Automatic Watches and Clocks
  • Identifying Counterfeit Clocks and Watches
  • Small Business Management
  • Customer Service

There are also training courses in repairing simple parts and accessories of clocks and watches. Such watch repair courses are aimed at improving the student’s understanding in creating watches and how designs of items are embedded in the watch.

For example, there is a special training in removing and changing straps. Since straps for watches are based on different units, brands and designs, the training would consist of different brands of watches. Usually, the watch repair courses would also include a manual for each brand of watch so that the student would know the different designs and basics for each watch.

Clock and Watch Repair Design Careers

Since most watches have different features such as lighting, pulse rate detection, GPS and world time settings, students would learn the different methods and how to synchronize and repair such features. For the lighting, students would learn how to remove the lights or small bulbs in a watch.

The students would experience how to install different kinds of lighting and effects in a watch. In terms of pulse rate detection and GPS settings, the student would learn how such features work and how to set such features. In terms of world time, the students would also learn about setting them to specific intervals.

Estimated Income and Projected Career Outlook

Some repairmen who are engaged in clock and watch repair training would be repairing digital and quartz type watches. Since the demand is also high for digital and quartz watch repair, the salary is also high. Again, the salary depends on the company and the location where the repair was made so for home based repairs, the pay would quite large.

The salary for a repairperson with watch repair courses or clock repair courses would be based on the type of job and company where the repairman is hired. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic, the median hourly rate for watch repairers is $13.87. The average salary for jewelry and watch repair careers was $42,000 as of 2012. For repair of antiquities, there is a large sum of money involved since it takes time for repairing old items.